MATALAN clearance mini haul everything under £15

Recently I took a trip to one of Matalans Clearance Stores, I was about to say that I was in need of some new shoes and new bags but I’m really not in need of those items, I just want them and I got way more than I thought I would and everything I bought cost me only £12.50 I can honestly say I’ve never bought a pair of high heels  that were under £10 and the pairs that I got in Matalan I was very very happy with.

I picked up a pair of nude heels, that looked to be perfect height for a night out or even a special occasion such as christenings/weddings etc. They have diamonds around the straps which are a perfect statement piece to jazz up a plain or very simple outfit. I got them in a size 8 and they fit perfectly with an extra bit of room, I usually take a size 7 but recently in heels I’ve found that a size 8 are perfect for more comfort when on a night out and if they are a bit loose you could add a thin sole into the bottom.

I picked these beauties up for £3.00, yes you heard me correctly 3 quid for a beautiful pair of heels, that can be worn with practically anything.

Next to the nude heels my eyes were instantly drawn to the black versions of these, they are slightly different as the black ones have studs around the straps instead of the jewels.

and again these cost only £3.00 so for two pairs of heels we have so far only spent £6.00, I was amazed by the bargains that I was able to find because sometimes in the Matalan Clearance stores you struggle to find things that are worth purchasing, but you’ve got to look carefully because some things are absolutely worth while!

Still on the hunt for heels, I picked up a small heeled brown pair with a statement gold heel, they are absolutely stunning and would look amazing with a pair of blue jeans and pretty much any top for the spring season.

These shoes were £4.00 and I think for that price they are worth it, I don’t own a pair of heels that look like this so I thought it would be nice to add to my collection. So now the total that I’ve spent is £10.00 I moved onto the bag section. I struggled to find a nice bag within the Matalan Clearance store until this little beauty caught my eye.

I am absolutely obsessed with this over the shoulder tiny little bag, its pink snake skin like print with a gold lock on the front. There are some small pockets on the inside which are perfect for my keys, lipsticks and lip balms etc. This cost only £2.50 I could not believe it when I checked the price tag and saw how much it was, I am a major bag addict having way to many in my wardrobe but I just couldn’t resist buying it.

So for a total of £12.50 I purchased three pairs of heels and a bag, what more could you want 4 items for under £15, Personally I love finding bargains and bargain hunting around in different stores. My favourite place to bargain hunt is in TKMAXX you can always find something well I can anyway I never leave empty handed whenever I go in. I hope you enjoyed reading this small haul post and if you have a Matalan Clearance Store near you, you definitely need to check it out because maybe you too could find some bargains that are worth the splurge, I mean for the price I paid for those items you just cant go wrong.

Thank you,

Fleur xo




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