Top 5 Lipsticks! 

I have an absolutely huge lipstick collection, but these five are my all time favourite that I have either repurchased or just use all the time everyday. The lipstick brands that I purchase from often are MAC Cosmetics, Lime Crime and Kiko Cosmetics.



From left to right the shade names: Chanel Rouge Coco Etienne 446, Mac Cosmetics Velvet Teddy, Kiko Cosmetics 925, Mac Cosmetics Whirl and Lime Crime Penny.

Each shade looks very similar on camera but when worn they are all very different with different formulas too, the mac lipsticks that are my favourite are matte and matte lipsticks are better for me when going on a night out or I need the lipstick to stay on all day, Although they are matte they aren’t drying whatsoever and you cannot feel them on your lips. The Chanel Lipstick is very creamy consistency, its almost glossy but the colour is like a dark purple red its absolutely stunning looks amazing with basic makeup and then the pop of the dark lipstick on the lip. The Kiko lipstick is very similar feeling to the Chanel lipstick but it doesn’t feel as luxury, as they say you pay for what you get and I’m sure I paid around £2 for this lipstick, its not long wearing though so every so often you need to give it a top up as it can go streaky very quickly but when you apply a lot of product before going out it can give a nice colour to the lip and keep them feeling very moisturized. My all  time favourite lipstick has to be this lime crime metallic lipstick in the shade penny, it is absolutely stunning and I love wearing it with brown, orange and copper coloured smokey eyes and very bronzed face it completes the look.

I have added some swatches of the lipsticks, you can see the difference in each shade and you can kind of see the difference within the formulas of each lipstick. I found it impossible to number from one to five which lipstick is my favourite because I just love them all equally the same these are the ones that I would use mostly in a week. I have many other lipsticks which sometimes I change to and I would wear but they haven’t been my favourites. All of the lipsticks I have spoken about can be purchased from the following links:

Lime crime: Perlees Penny Lipstick you can get this for £14.00 on asos.

Mac Cosmetics: Whirl Matte Lipstick this is available for £16.50

Velvet Teddy Matte Lipstick this is also available for £16.50

Kiko Cosmetics: I tried to look for the kiko lipstick online but I think it is now only available in selected stores where there are clearances.

Coco Chanel: Etienne Ultra Hydrating 446 this is a bit of a luxury item, I paid £28 for this lipstick although it is very expensive for a lipstick it is worth every penny I believe, but everyone is different that’s why I always have a variety of lipsticks that cost different price points because I couldn’t possibly afford to buy every single shade in this lipstick that’s why I have one favourite shade that I use religiously.

Thank you so much for reading this post, I hope you maybe found some different and new lipstick shades that you want to maybe try out, let me know in the comments below what your favourite lipstick brands and lipstick shades are!

Thank you again,

Fleur xo




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